About us

ADR ThinkTank.org

Who Are We?

The ADR Think Tank/Conflict Resolution Place is an organization whose sole mission is to educate and engage individuals within the legal profession as to the benefits of using ADR to settle disputes rather than traditional litigation.

Our group places an emphasis on introducing technology as part of ADR solutions.  In addition, our group engages those in the legal profession through webinars, panel discussions, conferences and other related networking events.  We also provide CPD accredited courses to legal professionals throughout the year.  Stakeholders in the legal community have relied on ADR Think Tank to be their resource when it comes to Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Through education and engagement, our group believes that we can bring a positive change to the ADR profession. Mediators and Arbitrators who are associated with ADR ThinkTank.org have vast experience in the areas of insurance, civil, real estate, labour, sports and technology related disputes. 

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